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conqueror-of-the-useless asked - "Blaine wants to be me not blake"

Thank you for understanding homie, stay up

socalrunaway asked - "Dude fuck them! I like your photos. STAY RAD✌"

Thank you! Much appreciated

Anonymous asked - "i feel like you think you're really sick because you take mediocre pictures (on you expensive camera that your parents got you for christmas) that a 10 year old could recreate and then over edit them also i feel like you aspire to be Blake lepe and youll probably delete this because you're a pussy"

Well, half the photos I share are taken on a k1000 camera that was given to me by my grand father, Its worth about 125$. The other photos are taken on a camera that I purchased myself. I have plenty of money in my own bank account because I know how to turn a dime into a dollar and save it. Ive been working labor jobs since I was 15 years old. I shoot photos and share them because I enjoy them. I am sorry you don’t feel the same way. Yet if we are talking about how we “feel” then “I feel like you think you’re really sick because” you sit behind an anonymous computer screen or smart phone (Which your parents paid for) and talk down on other people for doing their thing just because you can’t do your thing. Blake and I don’t share anything in common and I do not aspire to be him what so ever. He and I have been friends for a while and if I aspired to be him I wouldn’t look like I do right now. Yet if you think I’m a pussy then come on over and handle it. You know where I hang, Ill even give you my address. 

Paul McCartney taking a selfie in 1959.
Built From.
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Slowin’ It Down.
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Sandro Viola. 
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